The collection got inspiration from humanity's documentation of nature.

Based on Sibylle Eimermacher's photography, this collection translates the visual systems of rocky landscapes along glacial migration routes and the melting circles formed when ice on lake surfaces thaws into garments.

The tones exhibited by the exposed rocks intertwine with the traces left by the passage of natural time, allowing for a diversified expression in the clothing design. The gradual dissipation of hues in interaction with nature is prominently reflected in the color choices throughout the collection. The cuts and shapes of the garments align with the melting circles formed during the thawing of lake surfaces. We have selected soft and flowing fabrics to simulate the fluidity experienced during the process of ice melting into water. The silhouettes are softer compared to previous collections, reducing the sharpness of edges and structures, resulting in a more complete form.

The pet-tree-kor 24SS collection showcases the observation of the interconnectedness between rock formations, weathering, glaciers, and other natural forces. As observers of nature, we transform and document human observations, creating new forms of expression.