After several seasons of in-depth exploration, we have discovered that many elements in the natural world, despite appearing to grow in a chaotic and disorderly manner, actually harbor unique order. This season, we are focusing our theme on 'Vibration and Nodes' drawing inspiration from the 'Chladni diagram' in physics and the concept of vibration frequency.

Vibration is a natural expression, much like the melodies and chords in music; they form specific patterns in space, creating visual harmony. Nodes, on the other hand, are the balance points of vibration, the focal points of energy interaction. We aim to capture the dynamic equilibrium of vibration and nodes, transforming it into a wellspring of inspiration for clothing design.

In this collection, we present a unique interpretation of vibration and nodes in the fashion field through patterns, textures, and cuts. The lines and patterns on the garments are an extension of notes and chords, with each design representing the flow of vibration, and every balance point solidifying into a node.

The choice of fabrics and the coordination of colors respond to the frequency of vibration, with each material conveying specific energy. This series is not only a presentation of fashion but also an exploration of the concretization of natural vibration and nodes. We hope that the wearer can feel the rhythm and balance inherent in the clothing, thus discovering a unique sense of order within the disorder.